The Event

Hello Everyone! We are looking forward to meeting all of you! Please note that the registration was closed on February 13, 2014. We’re sorry not everyone made the cut-off, but there is always next year! We hope you all come back for the next one!

If you have already registered, please re-enter your details here for the certificates we will issue to you. 🙂 Thanks and see you on March 7th!


Growing the Network: Fulbright, Friendships, and Academic Success

This Fulbright Academic Symposium would like to achieve two things: to showcase Fulbrighters’ academic work to date and cultivate an academic and cultural network that can enrich research opportunities trans-disciplinarily across (imagined) boundaries. Everyone has something to contribute, and everyone will find something to build on: it’s just a matter of gathering the conversations and finding the intersections!

Those intersections can be found in our relationships — with people from different cultures, religious persuasions, or political beliefs. Connecting on a personal level deepens these encounters, and more often than not, contribute to the over-all significance of the Fulbright experience. The Fulbright Scholar blogs talk a lot about how relationships provide an unexpected but critical dimension to the academic goals of the Fulbright program. These relationships, in a way, help contribute to a scholar’s academic achievements and fulfilling experience in foreign land. At the same time, this encourages would-be Fulbrighters to link up and provide alternative directions in thought, method, perspective, making the Fulbright network not just about Fulbrighters but about the relationships built in the pursuit of knowledge.

We invite you to join the conversation!


One thought on “The Event

  1. Hello friends! Less than a month ’til the symposium! Please make sure you have entered your contact details in the registration form, and checked out the poster size for the presentations. 🙂 Stay warm!

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